Handknitting Yarns


Svepol can offer a large collection of handknitting yarns that meet all the quality requirements.

We are able to supply all types of blends in handknitting yarns. The variety of products includes blends of premium acrylic, wool, mohair, alpaca, cashmere, polyamide, bamboo, viscose, and lurex. We follow a make-to-order process and manufacture these products after receiving customers’ orders.

The yarns achieve the requested softness, supersoft or normal touch by customers.


The range includes multi – color yarn both for pullovers and socks in 100% Wool, 100% Acrylic, different Wool/Acrylic and Wool/Acrylic/Polyamide mixtures, as well as 75% Wool super-wash/ 25% Polyamide (especially for socks).