Card - Clothing solutions

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GROZ-BECKERT CARDING BELGIUM NV ( strives to be the recognized leader in the card clothing business. By enabling our customers to benefit from their knowhow, technological strengths and operational excellence, we believe that we can deliver you unique carding solutions for your - nonwoven, short staple or long staple card.

You can choose between the widest possible ranges of steel qualities and finishes, including:

- Super steel: standard high carbon steel
- Duratek steel: micro alloyed steel for long life
- Ultra steel: high-end steel grade for longest life time
- Clean bright finish
- Platinum deburred and polish finish
- Chemically deburred and polish finish

ARIMO MONTELEONE Group, Italy ( company produces flexible card clothing for woolen spinning, raising fillets and brushes. The continuous search for highest quality raw materials and attention to constant updating of setting, grinding and hardening machines,
have ensured that ARIMO products are appreciated throughout the world and utilized by the most important spinning and finishing customers with different applications:
• raising fillets for processing woolen/woolen blend or other fine animal fiber (cashmere, alpaca)
• raising fillets for processing mainly acrylic fabrics, a fillet with lower density
• raising fillets for processing cotton, cotton/synthetic fabrics, biconvex wires, normal hardened or zincplated steel; 
• raising fillets for processing nylon - polyester fabrics, knitwear and cotton fleece, round or biconvex wires, normal hardened steel
• raising fillets for processing hard-wearing synthetic fiber or cotton fabrics, triangular profile wires, normal hardened or zinc-plated steel; 
• brushes, cleaning fillets, velveting fillets in normal hardened steel, stainless steel or in tin-plated steel; 
• raising fillets and transport fillets for yarn raising machines, round profile wires, normal hardened